Our No Puppy Mill Promise

Puppy Central’s No Puppy Mill Promise

Our No Puppy Mill Promise
Puppy Central takes a stand against puppy mills

It’s so easy to find a gorgeous puppy for sale online, fall in love, and initiate a purchase. However, when you buy a puppy, it is always critical that you know your money is going to a responsible party and not supporting anything that you would not want to support as an animal lover. With our No Puppy Mill Promise, we aim to give you the peace of mind in knowing that not only will you be getting a healthy canine, but it will be coming from a reputable place that deserves the funds you pay for your new family member. When you initiate a purchase through us, you can rest assured that we’ve done our due diligence for the greater good of puppies and dogs everywhere.

We Only Work with Responsible Breeders with the Best Credentials

At Puppy Central, we strive to make sure every puppy we have available is coming from a responsible breeder that firmly adheres to the strict standards set forth by governing entities like the American Kennel Club and breed clubs or organizations. According to the Puppy Mill Project, there are approximately 10,000 puppy mills in operation in the United States at any given time. The high demand for certain breeds encourages the development of these low-quality breeding businesses. Sadly, these businesses focus more on profit than providing good, humane care for their dogs, properly testing breeding pairs or puppies, or ensuring they are selling a healthy canine. Each of the breeders that want to sell their puppies through the Puppy Central platform must complete a thorough screening process and provide the necessary documentation to prove their credentials. Otherwise, we do not work with them.

We Take an Active Role in the Fight Against Animal Abuse

One of our biggest goals is to help get well-bred, healthy puppies into loving homes, but it is just as important to us that we do our part to fight inhumane puppy mills and other forms of animal abuse. Therefore, we commit to donate five percent of our profits to help no-kill animal shelters and organizations that fight animal abuse and help care for animals without homes. Roughly 6 million dogs and cats go to shelters annually, so the burden on no-kill shelters to feed everyone is gigantic. We work in conjunction with pet food companies to donate food to no-kill animal shelters that need a high level of financial assistance to care for dogs that end up there, many of which come from inhumane puppy mills. At Puppy Central, we also encourage no-kill shelters to reach out to us when they need help through food-donation.

If you have any questions about our No Puppy Mill Promise at Puppy Central, please reach out to us.