Watch How We Help AKC Registered Breeders Sell Puppies

How Puppy Central Works

Our goal at Puppy Central is to make sure every breeder who signs up to sell through us has a seamless and easy experience. We also want you to know exactly what to expect throughout the process. From start to finish, here’s a breakdown of the process to help guide you through.

1. Breeder Fills Out Our Simple Application to Sell Puppies Through Puppy Central

The application process to sell puppies on Puppy Central is designed to be straightforward and easy. We will need your name, address, kennel information, breed information of the puppies you plan to sell through the site, and the information about your current veterinarian. You will also be asked if you have a state dog breeder’s license and if you are registered with the AKC.

2. We Review the Application and Assign Login Credentials

Once you’ve submitted your application, we will quickly review it for accuracy and assign login credentials. We strive to get back with applicants as fast as possible, so look for approval to join in your inbox soon after applying.

3. Breeders Login and Post Their Puppies for Sale On Puppy Central

You will receive your approval via email, and you can then login and post your puppies for sale on Puppy Central. When a breeder supplies a price for a puppy, we will incorporate an additional premium onto that price that we will advertise as the sale price through our marketing channels. We use the added-premium model so breeders still get exactly what they are asking for their puppy and our service doesn’t cost anything either up-front or upon sale.

When listing a puppy on Puppy Central the breeder will have the option to include things like spade agreement and/or breeding restrictions and buyers will need to agree to them prior to being able to make a payment for the puppy.

4. Breeders Connect Their PayPal Account to Their User Profile

Connecting your PayPal account when you first set up your Puppy Central profile is necessary because this is how we will pay you when one of your puppies sell. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, you can easily sign up for one free of charge.

5. We Use Our Resources At Puppy Central to Market Puppies for Sale

Once the breeder profile is set up, connected to PayPal, and filled out with puppies for sale, we use our resources at Puppy Central to do the heavy lifting! We have breed-specific websites that we utilize to market different types of puppies to interested buyers, and we have the professional knowledge to get your puppies advertised in all the right places.

6. Buyers Purchase Listed Puppies and We Initiate Payments

When a buyer purchases a breeder’s listed puppy, we authorize the web user’s payment information using the breeder’s PayPal account. We will send a notice to the breeder to let them know that a buyer is interested and to confirm that the puppy is still available. If the puppy is available, we will capture the payment authorization and the payment will go into the breeder’s PayPal account.

It should be noted also that Puppy Central does follow buyer restrictions for some breeds to ensure all dogs end up in the best home possible. For example, a user trying to purchase a large dog will be required to live in a home with a backyard. We want to ensure that the puppy is going to have a good life. If someone is obviously not in a situation where they can provide a good environment for the puppy, we will not allow them to purchase the puppy.

7. Breeders Are Notified of Buyer’s Information & Vice Versa

If the puppy is available, the buyer meets the guidelines, and the payment goes through, we send breeders the buyer’s information and the buyer gets the  breeder’s information. We do this so the pickup of the puppy can be arranged in a timely manner.

8. We Send an Invoice to the Breeder to Reflect the Added Premium

Breeders will get an invoice after the payment transaction to reflect the added premium we charged for our services. Again, we never charge upfront for our services; we only add a premium to the price of the puppy. Therefore, breeders can list their dogs on Puppy Central risk-free and at absolutely no cost.